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Early Signs of Injury - How to Stop Them From Getting Worse

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Starting to feel a twinge? Could it be the start of an injury? Learning to recognize the early signs of an injury and addressing them before they sneak up on you can go a long way in speeding up recovery and staying pain-free.

Early symptoms of an injury may include:

• Weakness

• Tightness

• Numbness

• Pinching

• Stiffness

• Aches

Here’s how to prevent minor injuries from turning into major problems.

Prehab. Incorporating strengthening and movement exercises into your regular routine can prevent injuries from happening in the first place. Addressing known areas of weaknesses and tightness depending on your sport/activity can go a long way in keeping you injury free.

Rest. Having rest days in your training and getting adequate sleep to allow the body to recover is important not only to be injury free, but to perform at your best level.

Cross train. Your body will thank you when you change up your routine by engaging in different activities. This will not only help you avoid hitting a plateau with your workouts, it will give your muscles a much needed break from the same routine day in and day out.

Seek Help Early. Pushing through pain or stiffness and "seeing if it will go away" often leads to the injury getting worse. Book an appointment with your physiotherapist to address any muscle imbalances, faulty movement patterns, and areas of weakness or tightness.

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